When the gorilla met the fingernails on a chalkboard

This study tells what happened when two Ig Nobel Prize-winning experiments were combined: “Inattentional blindness for a noxious multimodal stimulus,” Joseph F. Wayand, Daniel T. Levin and D. Alexander Varakin, American Journal of Psychology, vol. 118, no. 3, Fall 2005, pp. 339-52. The authors, at DePauw University and at Vanderbilt University, explain: “Previous research has […]

Gorilla Ig Nobellian reviews Full-Bladder Winners

Writing in the New York Times Book Review, Chris Chabris, who together with Dan Simons was awarded the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize in psychology (for their experiment in which people did not notice a gorilla) explores some recent books about how well the brain makes decisions. In particular Professor Chabris appreciates the work of the 2011 Ig Nobel medicine prize winners: Is the […]

Film clip + psychology question

A psychology experiment for you to do: FIRST, watch this (approximately ten-minute-long) video, about which BoingBoing says “India’s most expensive movie yields most astonishingly violent and demented action-scene in cinematic history”: THEN, ask yourself “Did you see the gorilla?” [If that seems a nonsense question, then see the Dan Simons / Chris Chabris experiment. Then […]

Swordswallower recapitulates gorilla

Swordswallower Dan Meyer, co-winner of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine (for the BMJ study “Swordwallowing and Its Side Effects“) accidentally replicated the findings of an earlier Ig Nobel Prize-winning study that involved a gorilla. This video shows it happening: The video was filmed during the 2010 Ig Nobel Tour of the UK (for […]