Cockroach oil gets thumbs down for cookery [new study]

If you’re thinking of supplementing or replacing your plant-based cooking oils with oils made from insects, maybe steer away from Blaptica dubia – the Dubia Cockroach. Stick to mealworms or house crickets instead. That’s the take-home message from a new paper in-press at the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed which details recent progress […]

DFMB (Deep Fried Mars® Bars) research update

A 2014 paper published in the Scottish Medical Journal elucidated (for the first time) the acute effects of a Deep Fried Mars® Bars (DFMBs) on brain vasculature. Since then, research involving DFMBs has not ceased. A 2016 study from Dr Christine Knight at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, has (again, for the first time) examined coverage […]

Validating Self-Reported Munchy-ism During Cannabis Intoxication

Some people who go to cannabis decriminalization advocacy events say, when questioned, that they do, when cannabisized, sometimes consume junk food: “Manipulation Checking the Munchies: Validating Self-Reported Dietary Behaviors during Cannabis Intoxication,” Jessica S. Kruger [pictured here], Alexis Blavos, Thomas S. Castor, Amy J. Wotring, Victoria R. Wagner-Greene, Tavis Glassman, Daniel J. Kruger, Human Ethology, […]

The impact of a quality table cloth in a restaurant [new study]

Does a high quality (e.g. fabric as opposed to paper) tablecloth affect customers’ enjoyment of a meal in a restaurant? Surprisingly perhaps, up until 2019, this question had not been scientifically examined. But now a team from the Department of Food Science, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the Center for Food and Hospitality […]

Maggots, and the aftermath of your meals

“Can maggots devour all our food waste?” and convert the food bits we wasted into something again useful to us humans? Ig Nobel Prize winner David Hu and colleagues—led by master maggot-mystery solver Olga Shishkov— explore that question, in their lab, and in this Science Friday video: Brian Soash writes about the question, for Science […]

The Lure of Virtual Donuts (study)

“There appears to be a lack of research on the influence of virtual foods in IVEs [immersive virtual environments] on human satiation.” Prompting a joint research project from Stanford University (US) and Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) to cater for this academic lacuna with a virtual donut [ […]

Human Placentophagy – some Q.s and A.s

The existence of possible benefits or detriments brought about by eating human placentas (placentophagy) is hotly debated. Here are some topical viewpoints in the form of Questions and Answers Q. Should human placenta-based products [see photo*] come with ‘use by / best before’ dates? A.  Yes, they should, says Emily Woodley (Cardiff Metropolitan University).   […]

Choices for Students : Food or Smartphones – Smartphones or Food? (new study)

If students are placed in a situation where they are required to choose between either being deprived of food, or being deprived of their smartphone, which option will they be most likely to go for? A recent study from the Department of Pediatrics, University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, New York, […]