Recent Progress in Blancmange Studies

Cold, wet, and wobbly though it may be, the blancmange has not been ignored by academia. Many of its aspects – culinary, historical, technical, sensory, and mathematical – have been the subject of scholarly explorations. Here are some example studies :

● From Fast to Feast: Analyzing the Ubiquitous “White Dish” Called Blancmange by Erin Sunshine Allaire-Graham and Deborah Krohn.

● Blancmange with radioprotective fillers by Kukushkina O.M. and Arsenyeva T.P.

● Blancmange by Sheryl Boyle

● Riemann-Liouville Fractional Calculus of Blancmange Curve and Cantor Functions by Srijanani Anurag Prasad (from which the illustration is taken)