“Overtaken by curiosity” Users Really Do Plug in USB Drives (which) They Find

“We investigate the anecdotal belief that end users will pick up and plug in USB flash drives they find by completing a controlled experiment in which we drop 297 flash drives on a large university campus. We find that the attack is effective with an estimated success rate of 45–98% and expeditious with the first […]

When firefly meets superconducting magnet

What happens when a firefly meets a superconducting magnet? That depends, of course, on the details. Here’s one documented, flashy course of events: “Firefly Flashing Under Strong Static Magnetic Field,” Anurup Gohain Barua [pictured here, possibly reacting to the experiment], Masakazu Iwasaka, Yuito Miyashita, Satoru Kurita and Norio Owada, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, epub December […]