Exploding meat

The June 1998 issue of Agricultural Research magazine included this report about exploding meat: In 1992, Morse Solomon, a meat scientist, joined forces with engineer John Long to test Long’s invention, an innovative process called Hydrodyne, which uses shock waves in water to tenderize meat. Solomon is with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, and Long is retired […]

The vertical fossil and the exploding ichthyosaur theory

Ancient seagoing animals did not explode nearly as often as scientists believed, according to a new study called Float, Explode or Sink: Postmortem Fate of Lung-breathing Marine Vertebrates. The authors, an all-star team of palaeontologists, pathologists and forensic anthropologists [one of them, Achim Reisdorf, is pictured here] from six institutions in Switzerland and Germany, deflated a hypothesis […]