Approaches to conducting a squirrel census (alt: wallabies)

Amateur scientists in Atlanta Georgia devised their own methods for counting squirrels (thanks to investigator Amy Baxter for bringing this to our attention.) They write: In the spring of 2012, a statistical count was made of the Eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) for the neighborhood of Inman Park in Atlanta, GA. The Inman Park Squirrel Census (IPSC) […]

Math Exercise: Count the REPETITION

This week’s Math Exercise is: Count how many times the word “repetition” appears in the following text. The text is the citation for a published academic study: “Importance and Need of Reconsidering Rhetorical Repetition,” Sabzalipour Jahandust [pictured here], Journal of Faculty of Letters and Humanities (Tabriz), Fall 2009-Winter 2010; 52(211):81-103. The author, at Rasht Azad University, […]

“George Washington: He Liked to Count Things”

“Of all the presidents we have had, George Washington was the only who really counted.” That single sentence with its double meaning comes at the end of a four-page monograph published in 1978 in the Alabama Journal of Mathematics. The report’s title is, George Washington: He Liked to Count Things. The author Pete Casazza, a mathematician […]