The further self-rejuvenation of Dr. Takasu, surgeon

Dr. Katsuya Takasu M.D., Ph.D is an aesthetic surgeon at the Takasu Clinic, Nagoya, Japan. He has embarked on a personal journey to demonstrate commitment to aesthetic surgery ideals – by having ‘rejuvenative’ facial plastic surgery himself. To document the project, Dr. Takasu, who is now 69, (see right hand top picture) has created three […]

Emotional intelligence does but does not predict success in med school

The conclusion reached in this study seems to rather contradict the study’s headline: “Emotional Intelligence Predicts Success in Medical School,” Nele Libbrecht, Filip Lievens [pictured here], Bernd Carette, Stéphane Côté,” Emotion, epub Nov 11 , 2013. The authors, at Ghent University and the University of Toronto, explain that: “Emotional intelligence did not predict performance on […]

Handy microbe-hunters on the other side of the world

Anemona Hartocollis reports in the The New York Times: “At North Shore University Hospital [pictured below] on Long Island, motion sensors, like those used for burglar alarms, go off every time someone enters an intensive care room. The sensor triggers a video camera, which transmits its images halfway around the world to India, where workers are […]

Medical Mistakes in Medical-Themed Romance Novels

How realistic are the medical practices in medical-themed romance novels? Dr. Cornelis H. (Kees) Langeveld investigated. Dr. Langeveld chose to publish his results in a medical journal, rather than in a romance novel. His study is: “Medical Mistakes in Doctors Novels,” Cornelis H. (Kees) Langeveld, Nederlands Tijdschrift Geneeskunde, 2011;155:A4372. OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether doctors novels give […]

Gluteus maximus reminds docs of Popeye

Doctors at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK were apparently so amused at treating a particular injury that they made it the butt of a joke, naming it after a cartoon character. This one can infer even from the title of their newly published study: “Popeye gluteus: Gluteus maximus avulsion following a road traffic collision,” […]