Saying “FACE”, in gatherings in pandemic times

How to get people to pay more attention to NOT touching their eyes, nostrils, or mouth? We invited people, in a gathering, to say “FACE” whenever they saw a speaker touching a hand to their face. And most of those people said “FACE”, cheerily—appreciating that they were talking to themselves as much as to the […]

Handy microbe-hunters on the other side of the world

Anemona Hartocollis reports in the The New York Times: “At North Shore University Hospital [pictured below] on Long Island, motion sensors, like those used for burglar alarms, go off every time someone enters an intensive care room. The sensor triggers a video camera, which transmits its images halfway around the world to India, where workers are […]

Is Henry the Hand a washout?

National Handwashing Week, December 6-12, 2009, has come and gone with only scant attention paid to its mascot, Henry the Hand. In part, this is due to the low amount of hand-washing and other hand-sanitizing that occurs in the United States. That non-compliance was observed and documented by John Trinkaus in his recent study “Hand […]