Brain Investigation of Crocodiles Listening to Bach

The music of Bach and the brains of crocodiles usher in a new era for explorers who use fMRI [functional magnetic resonance imaging] technology. A study documents this bold new step: “Functional MRI in the Nile Crocodile: A New Avenue for Evolutionary Neurobiology,” Behroozi Mehdi, Brendon K. Billings, Xavier Helluy, Paul R. Manger, Onur Güntürkün, […]

How curious is the kangaroo (and other animals)

We’re rapidly approaching the semicentennial anniversary of the classic and yet-to-be-replicated study ‘Curiosity in Zoo Animals’ (Behaviour, Volume 26, Issue 1). Investigators Stephen E. Glickman and Richard W. Sroges* performed an extensive series of experiments with kangaroos and more than 100 other species of zoo animals, to see how curious they were. The team presented […]