Improbable Research events: Vienna, Copenhagen, Gothenburg

Improbable Research events are on tap this week and next week in Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Please join us, if you are in the neighborhood(s). November 7, 2019, Thursday, 5:00 pm Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium, Vienna, AUSTRIA— Marc Abrahams will talk about the Ig Nobel Prizes and Improbable Research. November 13, 2019, Wednesday, 7:00 pm […]

Luxuriant Hair Club for Scientists™ names 2016 Woman & Man of the Year

The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS) proudly announces its Woman and Man Of The Year for 2016. The two scientists are, respectively, a Danish researcher who studies polymer micro and nano engineering, and a Scottish researcher for NASA who studies airborne particles in earth’s atmosphere. Here is thrilling detail about each of them. […]