Ig Nobel winner / cockroach magnetizer is guest of honor at the Vienna Science Ball

The Ig Nobel cockroaches—Herbert Crepaz won the 2019 Ig Nobel prize in the category biology, honouring achievements that make people laugh, and then think. The Austrian quantum physicist, who works at the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore, discovered that dead magnetized cockroaches behave differently than living magnetized cockroaches. Crepaz has […]

Improbable Research events: Vienna, Copenhagen, Gothenburg

Improbable Research events are on tap this week and next week in Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Please join us, if you are in the neighborhood(s). November 7, 2019, Thursday, 5:00 pm Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium, Vienna, AUSTRIA— Marc Abrahams will talk about the Ig Nobel Prizes and Improbable Research. November 13, 2019, Wednesday, 7:00 pm […]

A 24/7 lecture for the Vienna Ball of Sciences

The first Vienna Ball of Sciences, held last night, was a roaring success, with the more than 2500 (the tickets sold out quickly) scientists, friends, and admirers exhibiting both brownian motion and traditional Viennese-waltz motion in strolling, dancing, chatting, sipping and noshing their way through the elegant ballroom and reception chambers of Vienna’s city hall, from 8 […]

Improbable doings in Vienna this coming week

The organizers posted a sneak preview of the ‘sneak preview’ event at the University of Vienna on Thursday evening, January 29: Und hier die nächste Veranstaltung in unserem Rahmenprogramm: Als sneak preview zur Mitternachtseinlage wird  Marc Abrahams am Donnerstag, den 29.1., eine seine sehr speziellen Vorlesungen an der Uni Wien halten; auch dies eine Premiere: es handelt sich […]