Broccoli excitement brewing (conference press release)

The press release for the upcoming Third European Broccoli Conference (19th & 20th of October, 2011, in Madrid, Spain) includes this intriguing one-two broccoli-then-coffee combination: 15:40 to 16:20 — Health benefits of broccoli: many good reasons to include broccoli in your meal. Dr. Elizabeth Jeffery [pictured here], Interim Assistant Dean, multidisciplinary Research Programs, Professor of Nutrition, Department of Food Science […]

Fun with numbers: Coffee, Sex, Stroke

A new study in the journal Stroke is triggering lots of exciting news stories about sex, coffee, defecation, and other activities. Here are two fairly typical headlines: Common Activities Such As Sex, Coffee Can Cause Stroke [] Sex and coffee ‘trigger stroke’ [BBC News] You might enjoy looking at the study itself, and asking yourself […]

Coffee and Breast Size: A reply

A reply to the study we mentioned two days ago: “Of cup and bra size: Reply to a prospective study of breast size and premenopausal breast cancer incidence,” Anita Ringberg, Erika Bageman, Carsten Rose, Christian Ingva and Helena Jernstrom, International Journal of Cancer, vol. 119, 2006, pp. 2242–2243. The authors explain: “we found that the […]