Recent progress in Peppa Pig® studies

Given the worldwide success of the Peppa Pig® TV series (and subsequent spinoffs), it’s perhaps not surprising that the character has attracted attention in academic circles. Here are some recent examples of scholarly publications on the subject.   Does Peppa Pig encourage inappropriate use of primary care resources? British Medical Journal, 2017; 359 Peppa Pig and Friends International […]

Assuming You Are From There, Your Character Cannot Be Assumed

News about character: “The Inaccuracy of National Character Stereotypes,” Robert R. McCrae, Wayne Chan, Lee Jussim, Filip De Fruyt, Corinna E. Löckenhoff, Marleen De Bolle, Paul T. Costa Jr., Martina Hřebíčková, Sylvie Graf, Anu Realo, Jüri Allik, Katsuharu Nakazato, Yoshiko Shimonaka, Michelle Yik, Emília Ficková, Marina Brunner-Sciarra, Norma Reátigui, Nora Leibovich de Figueora, Vanina Schmidt, […]

Marketing consultant’s study pleases his horse-promotion client

The German Equestrian Federation [Fédération Equestre Nationale, also known as “FN”], announces that it commissioned a study from a marketing consultant — as to whether horseriding promotes character development (in people). The FN indicates that it is pleased with the results. Here is a rough, machine-produced translation of the announcement: Riding promotes character development FN new trial Warendorf […]