Marketing consultant’s study pleases his horse-promotion client

The German Equestrian Federation [Fédération Equestre Nationale, also known as “FN”], announces that it commissioned a study from a marketing consultant — as to whether horseriding promotes character development (in people). The FN indicates that it is pleased with the results. Here is a rough, machine-produced translation of the announcement:

The association's logo
The logo of Fédération Equestre Nationale. The organization is also known as “FN”. The logo includes silhouettes of horses, and also includes the letters “FN”.

Riding promotes character development

FN new trial

Warendorf (fn-press). Riders are determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced. And a much greater extent than people with other hobbies. This is the result of a recent representative study, in which the personality of 813 riders and non-riders were investigated.

Riding shape their character. Most riders are now nodding his head vigorously. But what is the “horse people” known, can now prove it. In August 2012 the German Equestrian Federation (FN) did a study on the effects of years of dealing with horses to investigate the formation of character….

Prior to the study, the Cologne business psychological consulting firm had performed transform led by psychologist Barbara Grohsgart conducted six focus groups with parents of riders and riding children.The results were used as hypotheses in the subsequent representative study.

(Thanks to investigator Hans Fried for bringing this to our attention.)