Fear of flying (amongst pilots)

Although there are a good number of academic papers which examine ‘fear of flying’, [recent example] the number of scholarly dissertations which cover ‘fear of flying’ amongst a specific subset of air travellers – viz. pilots – is very low. Perhaps just one. May we recommend the work of aviation practitioner, aviation historian, aviation philosopher, […]

Horses and the effects of flying

“Horses are the only species other than man transported around the world for competition purposes.” – say investigators Domingo Tortonese, Julie Townsend, Cathy Fuller, ‘Twink’ Allen and Roger Short in ‘Jetlag in the horse: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying the effects of transmeridian flying on equine performance.’ “Changes in the 24h light:dark cycle, such as those associated […]

Paper aeroplane ‘aerogami’ drones (paper)

Could “Disposable Folded Cellulose-Substrate Micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” – known to some as paper aeroplanes – be used as disposable, biodegradable monitoring-and-surveillance drones? A report presented at the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, 3-5 Dec 2012, suggests just that. Researcher Dr. Paul Pounds, at the University of Queensland Australia, explains in his paper : ‘Paper […]