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The strawberry as an analogy in medicine

Having previously in brief reviewed the use of grape-related medical terms another relatively popular culinary analogy in medicine is the strawberry [pictured left] (Fragaria × ananassa) Various medical conditions have appearances not unlike strawberries: Strawberry cervix (a succint account) – For the ‘hardcore’, an example of the scientific literature on strawberry cervix Strawberry gallbladder (a short account) – Scientific literature on strawberry gallbladder Strawberry […]

Grape-y odor (food metaphors in medical terminology)

We continue our journey in the tasteful world of culinary medical metaphors. The ends of nerve cells are shaped like grapes. Infection with the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa can result in a grape-like odor. A malignant tumor – sarcoma botryoides – resembles a bunch of grapes in appearance. In fact several medical entities in look (and […]

Medical metaphors: Cottage Cheese and Vagina

Here is another example of a culinary medical term. QUESTION: What is the relationship between cottage cheese [pictured here, above] and a vagina [pictured here, below]? Candida albicans is a fungus that is normally found in the vaginas of healthy women, however, in certain circumstances an abnormal overgrowth of this fungus can occur resulting in a thick […]

Food-related medical terms (food for thought)

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Gwinyai Masukume is joining our gang of regular bloggers. This is his first post at Please welcome him!] Besides food acting as source of energy for the brain during thinking, food (drinks, utensils, waiters, etc.) can literally be used for thought. Various situations encountered in medicine have been named after food […]