Your eyes look like sunflowers (or: careful with copper)

Sunflower – image from Wikimedia Commons

Chromium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc sound like the components of a sophisticated machine – indeed there are, when you consider that the human body is a machine. Below is an account of how one of these components can make parts of a person resemble a sunflower:

Copper in small quantities is essential for health. Too much or too little copper is not good for health.

In Wilson’s disease [Hassan A, Masood F. Wilson’s Disease: a review. J Pak Med Assoc, 2004 54(9):479-84.] in which too much copper accumulates in the body, the eyes of affected people can look like sunflowers.

Here is more on this condition known as sunflower cataracts.

BONUS: Wilson’s disease belongs to a group of diseases called inborn errors of metabolism