High-Specificity Study of the Month: Espresso/bariatric/etc

This month’s High-Specificity Study of the Month is:

Regular coffee but not Espresso drinking is protective against fibrosis in a cohort mainly composed of morbidly obese European women with NAFLD undergoing bariatric surgery,” Rodolphe Anty, Sophie Marjoux, Antonio Iannelli, Stéphanie Patouraux, Anne-Sophie Schneck, Stéphanie Bonnafous, Camille Gire, Anca Amzolini, Imed Ben-Amor, Marie-Christine Saint-Paul, Eugenia Mariné-Barjoan, Alexandre Pariente, Jean Gugenheim, Philippe Gual, Albert Tran, Journal of Hepatology, epub July 20, 2012.

(Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention)

BONUS (unrelated): There are many Albert Trans in this world. One Albert Tran is a co-author of the study. Another, equally spirited Albert Tran is featured in the video below. The video is called “Lollipop routine by Albert Tran”: