The delicious effect of espresso foam [research study]

Two scientists in Japan studied how the foam on a fresh cup of espresso makes that drink so thermodynamically delicious. My “Improbable Research” column on the RealClearLife web site gives details. It begins: What’s not so hot about hot coffee —no matter how much you love it — is how quickly it cools. Two Japanese scientists noticed […]

Partially-bicycle-powered espresso maker

This is a partially-bicycle-driven espresso maker and coffee vending cart called a velopresso. The prototype is on display at Conway Hall in London. The inventors describe it lovingly, in the engineering sense: Rear-steering and front-wheel drive give a very tight turning circle and optimal transmission arrangement. The transmission incorporates both roller-chains and belt-drives and a […]

High-Specificity Study of the Month: Espresso/bariatric/etc

This month’s High-Specificity Study of the Month is: “Regular coffee but not Espresso drinking is protective against fibrosis in a cohort mainly composed of morbidly obese European women with NAFLD undergoing bariatric surgery,” Rodolphe Anty, Sophie Marjoux, Antonio Iannelli, Stéphanie Patouraux, Anne-Sophie Schneck, Stéphanie Bonnafous, Camille Gire, Anca Amzolini, Imed Ben-Amor, Marie-Christine Saint-Paul, Eugenia Mariné-Barjoan, […]