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The cottage loaf sign, medically speaking

Panel A ‘Cottage loaf’, ‘snowman’ or ‘figure of 8’ heart shape due to total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage, image reproduced with kind permission of the Images in Pediatric Cardiology journal. Panel B Outline of cottage loaf. Panel C Cottage loaf (a rustic traditional English loaf of bread made with yeast and white flour) consisting of […]

A treatise on beans in medicine

Coffee beans – image from Wikimedia Commons Previously on this blog, we have glanced at treatises on grapes, strawberries and spaghetti & meatballs as metaphors in medicine. The bean is no less important medically (besides being associated with flatulence): Bean-shaped G-spot Bean-shaped kidney Coffee bean sign BONUS: Under the microscope various entities resemble beans, here is an example […]

Why do pathologists see spaghetti and meatballs?

Spaghetti and meatballs – image from Wikimedia Commons Metaphors are important in education – they facilitate learning and recall. Food-related medical metaphors are no different. Beyond their educational value, some researchers (“The ‘Gourmet’ Pathologist“, Anna Batistatou , V. Zolota and CD Scopa. Int J Surg Pathol, 2000 8(4):341-342.) have pondered if food-related medical terms reflect the attitudes and peculiarities […]

Culinary medical terms for human feces

Various foods are in contemporary use as analogies for the stool (human feces) found in certain medical conditions. Below is a selection of such food-related medical stool metaphors: butter stool – of excess fecal fat pea-soup stool – of typhoid fever red-currant jelly stool – of intussusception rice-water stool – of cholera BONUS: Pea-soup stool can […]

Tumbler test: a culinary medical term

The stethoscope [pictured here right] has almost become synonymous with medical practice – it is useful particularly for listening to patients’ chests and abdomens. A perhaps less well known piece of ‘medical equipment’ is the tumbler (drinking glass) [pictured here below]. Pressing a transparent tumbler against a rash and noting whether the rash fades or not […]