Ig Nobel Prize winner Bolsonaro’s Hiccups: Will He Demand 2006 Winner’s Treatment?

Medical experts are eager to see whether 2021 Ig Nobel Prize winner Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, will cure his intractable hiccups with the digital-rectal-message treatment devised by 2006 Ig Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Fesmire. Bolsonaro’s ailment is reported in many news outlets. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant says, today: “Brazilian President Bolsonaro […]

Information Pleas: A Calculated Expectation of Catastrophe

Physics knowledge can lead an energetic, too-voluminously-informed person to have real and/or imagined worries — massive worries — about the future. This new study, published in digital form, may or may not make that clear. The study is: “The Information Catastrophe,” Melvin M. Vopson [formerly Dr. Vopsaroiu], AIP Advances, vol. 10, no. 085014, 2020. (Thanks […]

Hiccups: An alternate, lollipop solution, reportedly, sort of

The New York Times “You’re the Boss” blog reports about a teenager who is starting a hiccup-remedy business, possibly because neither she nor her doctors did much Internet research and thereby (or thereNOTby) failed to learn about the digital hiccup treatment devised by Ig Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Fesmire. The report: To silence her […]

How to remove the unmentionable

Nurses must acquire some skills that non-medical people find embarrassing, disgusting, maybe even childish. Such knowledge can be difficult to obtain from the standard medical books and journals. A monograph called How to Perform a Digital Removal of Faeces aims to remedy one such gap in the literature. Gaye Kyle, a senior lecturer at the […]