Of Grizzly Bears, and Grizzly Bears, and Grizzly Bears, and People

Insights about grizzly bears and some humans who spend time with grizzly bears:

  1. Grizzlies in the Backyard“, by Margaret Munro, in the New York Times)
  2. “A suit of armour is a bear necessity”, about Troy Hurtubise, in The Guardian)
  3. The Yet Still Further Continuing Adventures of Troy (Chapter 310): “…Though some people think Troy is a damn fool, at least two dead men — Timothy Treadwell and Vitaly Nikolayenko — might still be alive today if only they had heeded Troy’s lessons.”

But, alas, we must remind you that Troy’s adventures have come to an end: “Exit, pursuing a bear: Farewell Troy Hurtubise“. Here is the documentary film “Project Grizzly”, about the early part of Troy’s grizzly career, produced by the National Film Board of Canada: