The Yet Still Further Continuing Adventures of Troy (Chapter 310)

TroySuitWGuns.jpgIg Nobel Prize winner Troy Hurtubise is again poised on the knife edge of disaster and ultimate triumph, according to a February 6, 2007 report in the Hamilton Spectator:

Grizzly man Troy Hurtubise broke and selling his armoured suit

Troy Hurtubise, the man who invented the Trojan combat suit that stirred attention all over the world, is broke.

The Hamilton native spent two years and all his family’s savings creating the full-body, armoured exoskeleton, hoping to sell it for military use by Canada and the US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Last month’s Hamilton Spectator story about his invention created an Internet sensation, becoming the second most referenced news story in the Internet, according to Nielsen Buzzmetrics, a web-tracking service. Soon, reporters from all over the world were calling, and there were more stories — in Poland, South Korea, China, the U.S. and Britain.

But all the attention did not generate a single offer. This week, facing eviction from his rented home in North Bay, Hurtubise reluctantly put the suit up for sale on eBay

Troy’s legion of fans already know all about his early adventures. For newbies, there are any number of places to start learning about Troy.

Troy has a new mustache. He also has a new promotional video, which is reminiscent of the many pioneering infomercials made by Ig Nobel Prize winner Ron Popeil:

Though some people think Troy is a damn fool, at least two dead men — Timothy Treadwell and Vitaly Nikolayenko — might still be alive today if only they had heeded Troy’s lessons.