Economics: Cost of a child

Investigator Wendy Cooper writes:

In case you who are considering having a child and are contemplating the costs of birthing and raising him or her, here is something you might find interesting.

ChildReceipt-sm.jpgYou can now buy a child under 10 years of age for only $14.00 at The Marketplace at Gungahlin (near where I live). I did this the other day (see receipt). By all accounts this is an absolute bargain. Granted, it is not as much fun as the “standard” way of obtaining a child, but think of the advantages of not having morning sickness and labour pains! In Australia, our very conservative and “family-oriented” Prime Minister offers a “baby bonus” of several thousand dollars for couples having children and thus overpopulating the planet. I am not clear if I am eligible for the “baby bonus” as a result of my purchase.

Presumably children older than 10 years cost a different amount, but I don’t know if they are more or less expensive.