Sports Celebration Injuries – update

If you thought that ‘Score Celebration Injuries’ (SCIs) were restricted to soccer players – think again. A 2017 report in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 57(3 ): 267-71, reviews the medical literature on the subject, reporting that of the 62 SCIs that they found, only 22 involved professional soccer players.

“A total of 62 athletes sustained 62 injuries resulting from various types of celebrations. All but two athletes were males, and the average age was 26.5 years old. […] Common celebration maneuvers included leaping into the air, pile ups, sliding, and somersaults.”

The authors, therefore, give a recommendation  :

“By encouraging athletes to temper excessive celebrations and prohibiting certain types of celebrations, many injuries may be prevented.”

See: When celebrations go wrong: a case series of injuries after celebrating in sports

Further reading : A 2011 report from recounts the occasion when :

“Thomas Levet’s exuberant celebration of jumping into a lake after winning his home tournament in France last weekend has cost him a place in the British Open.”