The radioprotective blancmange from Saint Petersburg

A research team from Saint Petersburg, Russia, have developed the world’s first radioprotective blancmange. Professor Tamara Arsenyeva and Olga Kukushkina of ITMO University (Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) explain their concept – a functional dairy product, contributing to a better elimination of radionuclides from the human body – in the scientific journal ИУ ИТМО, June 2015, Number 2(24) (Processes and Equipment for Food Production)

“The dessert blancmange consists of two layers. The first is a cheese mousse sugar syrup containing buckthorn extract, evenly distributed over the entire volume. The second layer is a jelly consisting of an extract of green tea and red wine stabilized natural pectin gelling agent. All components have high radioprotective properties.“

Radioprotective-BlancmangeThe diagram shows the effect of concentration of the extract of green tea in taste and aroma.

See: [predominantly in Russian]Blancmange with radioprotective fillers’. An auto-translated version [predominantly in English] is available here.