How to write a technical paper (c.1956)

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Can we also now recommend ‘How to write a technical paper‘ by J.F.R Williams, F.M. of Socy., F.P of B.S./T.P. In: Students’ Quarterly Journal, Volume 26, Issue 103, March 1956, page 169. [click pdf logo for full paper]

How-To-WriteFirst you need a NAME: “There is no greater deterrent to a sub-committee than a mere ‘Harry Brown PhD.’ “ The author suggests instead “Theodosius X.V. Qualfe”, noting that “The paper itself is not important if you take care to comply with the above, except that in no circumstances must it be easy to read.” He goes on to explain that “If you are not adept enough to make your paper unintelligible by fair means, you can distract your readers’ attention by the insertion of multifarious footnotes, particularly if you take the trouble to find some really juicy ones.” Such as “Ruska, E, and Muller, H. O.: Ober Fortschritte Bei Der Abbildung Electronen–Bestralhter Obeflachen– Zeitschrift fur Physik, 1940, 116, p.36”

Note: Improbable believes that the citation above contains errors, the correct version should be : Von E. Ruska, und H. O. Müller, Über Fortschritte bei der Abbildung elektronenbestrahlter Oberflächen, Zeitschrift für Physik, 1940, Volume 116, Issue 5-6, pp 366-369