Boob Glue® (New Patent)

Boob-GlueCalifornian inventor Dawn Jackson™  has just received (November 18, 2014,) a US patent for her ‘Breast shaping adhesive and methods for shaping breasts ‘ concept. The glue, which is made from “denatured alcohol and water and where the polymer is selected from the group consisting of: a methacrylate copolymer; a polyquaternium cationic polymer, a poly(acrylic acid) polymer; an acrylate copolymer; and combinations of two or more of the foregoing.” is used by “… applying a liquid adhesive to a selected area of a breast of a user; and positioning the breast to achieve a desired appearance in a manner where at least a portion of the liquid adhesive is in contact with an article of clothing being worn by the user to maintain the desired appearance.“

More details on the invention, currently marketed under the name Boob Glue®, can be found via the inventor’s proprietary website