The swallowed objects amassed by Chevalier Jackson

The Mutter Museum has, among its protected treasures, one of Philadelphia’s largest collections of swallowed (and eventually retrieved, by medical personnel) objects. (Thanks to Paige Williams for bringing this to our attention.) The museum explains:

Chevalier Jackson Collection

Chevalier Jackson, MD (1865-1958), was a renowned Philadelphia otolaryngologist and Fellow of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. He developed methods and tools for removing foreign objects from human airways. The Jackson Collection includes 2,374 inhaled or swallowed foreign bodies that Dr. Jackson extracted from patients’ throats, esophaguses, and lungs during his almost 75-year-long career. Most of the items are on display….


The collector, the now-late Dr. Chevalier Jackson, is the same Chevalier Jackson three of whose works were celebrated in last month’s issue of mini-AIR.