The trucker, his family and their pubic lice

Pubic louseRecent medical reports of pubic lice infestations are rare, but here we share a novelty, published in Tropical Biomedicine 30(1): 152–154 [First report of family infestation with pubic louse (Pthirus pubis; Insecta: Anoplura: Pthiridae) in Iran – a case report]. The authors, R. Dehghani, M. Limoee, and A.R. Ahaki, from Kashan and Kermanshah Universities of Medical Sciences, Iran, report:

Pubic louse are transmitted during sexual contact in adults. Thus, infestation of children with pubis [sic!] louse is very rare. A case of infestation with pubic louse (P. pubis) in a family including parents and two children, in Kashan, Isfahan province was seen. On examination of mother and children’s eyelashes, as well as, father’s chest and eyelash, the parasites were seen and collected. [ … ] Father was a 35 years old trucker, mother was a 28 years old housekeeper and two children, a 4 years old boy and a 5.5 years old girl. The children did not attend kindegarten [sic!] yet.

About the significance of the case and the source of the parasites they write:

In our country many infested people with pubic louse do not seek medical help due to ethical and cultural restrictions, thus there is very little information on pubic louse infestation, [ … ] Hence, this article could be the first report on the familial infestation with P. pubis in Iran. [ … ] An interview with the father of this family indicated that, the louse have been transmitted from him to the wife and the children due to close contact between them and their mother.

Thanks to Erwin Kompanje for bringing this to our attention.