The trucker, his family and their pubic lice

Recent medical reports of pubic lice infestations are rare, but here we share a novelty, published in Tropical Biomedicine 30(1): 152–154 [First report of family infestation with pubic louse (Pthirus pubis; Insecta: Anoplura: Pthiridae) in Iran – a case report]. The authors, R. Dehghani, M. Limoee, and A.R. Ahaki, from Kashan and Kermanshah Universities of […]

Income Correlates with Orgasm Strength

Income and orgasms are statistical food for thought, thanks to Pollet and Nettle: “Partner Wealth Predicts Self-Reported Orgasm Frequency in a Sample of Chinese Women,” Thomas V. Pollet and Daniel Nettle, Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 30, no. 2, March 2009, pp. 146-151. (Thanks to Ig Nobel Prize winner Francis Fesmire for bringing this to […]