Counting on: Childbirth and Orgasm

Today’s implicit statistics lesson is contained in a new study:

Childbirth climax: The revealing of obstetrical orgasm,” Thierry Postel, Sexologies, epub May 3, 2013. The author, in Blainville-sur-Mer, France, explains:

“Giving birth and feeling an orgasm is a seemingly improbable link. For most women, this notion is perceived as an inconceivable myth. This study, published in Sexologies, aimed to draw attention to cases of physical pleasure experience by mothers during obstetrical labour. Researchers surveyed midwives to gather data about their patients spanning their entire career. Results showed that the pleasure was declared by the mother in more than 0.3% of deliveries and typical signs were observed in many more that may not have had the confidence to declare the experience….

“That said, considering the rarity and unpredictability of the phenomenon, the possibility of obstetrical pleasure cannot be generalized as an idealized representation of childbirth. It cannot, by any means, be used as a reason to sexualize childbirth with experiencing physical pleasure as a priority.”