If you want to smell like the Grand Canyon

If you want to spray yourself with a mist that might make you smell like part or all of the Grand Canyon, you can try using one of the products manufactured by Air Wick. The company advertises the products with this invitation (and also with videos):

America’s national parks are a source of inspiration to all of us. That’s why Air Wick® is proud to partner with the National Park Foundation in an effort to preserve and protect the very essence behind our new expertly crafted National Park Collection of fragrances. From the breathtaking majesty of the Grand Canyon to the sun drenched valleys of Denali to the lush paradise of American Samoa, we hope these fragrances inspire you as much as they have inspired us.


(Thanks to investigator Darren Garnick for informing us about this, in his essay “Does Your Bathroom Smell Like the Grand Canyon?

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