Math Exercise: Count the REPETITION

This week’s Math Exercise is: Count how many times the word “repetition” appears in the following text. The text is the citation for a published academic study:

Importance and Need of Reconsidering Rhetorical Repetition,” Sabzalipour Jahandust [pictured here], Journal of Faculty of Letters and Humanities (Tabriz), Fall 2009-Winter 2010; 52(211):81-103. The author, at Rasht Azad University, writes:

There are numerous references to repetition or “TAKRIR” in rhetorics. For repetition, various motives and types have been enumerated. In these cases, frequency of repetition was considered to distort eloquence, and proper repetition was regarded to be of significance and fruitful. Most scholars are of the opinion that repetition in Quran is not only proper but also miraculous.

The present study aimed at investigating the importance of repetition through reviewing numerous texts. Also, this paper sought to study repetition in Persian language and literature and its importance. The findings revealed that repetition, not only in colloquial language but also in literary language, can be viewed as having an asthetic nature in composing poetry and creating a piece of art.

The main parts of this article are: definition of repetition, motive of repetition, human an’s interest in repetition and kinds of repetition. The type of repetition that was studied here is not repetition in terms of phoneme or morpheme but it is repetition in phrases and sentences and at discoursal level.

BONUS: The importance of repetition.