A rhythmic data heap awaiting analysis

This video seems to invite analysis by anyone intrigued by the potential reaction of whoever who might be exposed to it. The video shows ten hours of repetition of the solo artist Konstrakta performing a musical piece called “In Corpore Sano”, representing Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.   Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Ten hours […]

Math Exercise: Count the REPETITION

This week’s Math Exercise is:┬áCount how many times the word “repetition” appears in the following text. The text is the citation for a published academic study: “Importance and Need of Reconsidering Rhetorical Repetition,” Sabzalipour Jahandust [pictured here], Journal of Faculty of Letters and Humanities (Tabriz), Fall 2009-Winter 2010; 52(211):81-103. The author, at Rasht Azad University, […]