FK cosmetics (with camel urine)

Can camel urine be used as an ingredient for cosmetics? Yes it can, according to Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid, an associate professor at the King Fahd Medical Research Center, Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University (KAAU), Saudi Arabia. The doctor, who recently featured in an Improbable article Camel urine – its use in medicine has again put her academic research into practical use with the launch of three camel-urine-based cosmetic products – FK shampoo, FK lotion and FK ointment.
The professor’s website explains the products’ functionality :
FK shampoo, for example:

“… contains the effective ingredients of Camel Urine which has been succeeded in our laboratory as reparative formula. Therefore it is our pleasure to present it to you as a cosmetic invention which is useful for hair falling, baldness and dandruff.”

And the FK lotion and ointment are:

“… a cosmetic invention which is useful for skin pigmentation, different types of allergy, psoriasis and vitiligo.”

All three products may be available at the following pharmacies in and around Jeddah.
BONUS : The professor also provides an online factsheet “How to use Camel’s Milk and Urine” (either separately, or mixed together as a drink.) “Please note that the word ‘Camel’ refers to the adult camel, male or female – infant camel’s urine is not suitable for treatment use.”