Alternate everything: The joy of viXra

For those days when the scientific community (and its arXiv repository of new science papers) isn’t enough for you, for those days when you itch for a different way of seeing things… for those days, dear reader, there’s something new, something effulgent. It’s called viXra. The In The Dark blog tells us about this exciting collection of views about the universe and everything, and then some:

The joy of viXra

From time to time on this blog I post rants about the state of scientific publishing, open access, the importance of the arXiv for astronomy and cosmology, and so on.

This morning, however, I discovered an “alternative” side to the whole business of online science, a site by the name of viXra. Most readers will probably be familiar with this site already – many no doubt publish there, in fact – but I have to say that it’s completely new to me. I urge you to check it out.

The structure and layout of viXra is almost identical to the arXiv, but the content is a bit … er … different.

Here is just one of the many, many curiously strong argumentations you will find on viXra. It seems to say that quantum physics can be derived from the stock market:

Stocks and Planck’s Law

Authors: Constantinos Ragazas
Comments: 4 amended pages. Original paper was presented at an ATINER conference in Athens, Greece, August 7, 2007.

In this note we recount how a simple stock comparison model lead to a derivation of Planck’s Law in Quantum Physics. This derivation is classical in the sense that it uses only continuous processes and does not need the ‘quantization of energy hypothesis’. Furthermore, the derivation shows that Planck’s Law is an exact mathematical identity that describes the interaction of energy.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics