She’ll put urine in your car, maybe

InventorSpot reports:

Golden Gasoline: Use Your Pee for Fuel

A recent scientific advancement could see to it that a routine “pit stop” might someday kill two birds with one stone. Think about it – on long road trips you stop at gas stations to do what two things? Empty your bladder and fill your tank. One U.S. chemist has discovered a way for the two needs to come together in an efficient union. A new catalyst has the ability to extract hydrogen from your very own liquid gold. To procure hydrogen from urine, Gerardine Botte [pictured here] of Ohio University uses electrolysis. Botte understood that urine contains two compounds that are potential hydrogen sources: ammonia and urea….

For some background details, see Dr. Botte’s patent application (#2009/0095636).

(Thanks to investigator Toby Sommer for bringing this to our attention.)