Improbable TV: The Coffee Diet

Here’s a new episode — #131, “The Coffee Diet” — of the Improbable Research TV series.

“The Coffee Diet” is the concluding song from the mini-opera “The Atkins Diet Opera“. This video shows the debut performance, which was part of the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony held in Sanders Theatre, Harvard University. The opera starred Jason McStoots (as Dr. Atkins), Margot Button, and Jane Tankersley, with pianist Greg Neil. The coffee kickline included: Nobel Laureates William Lipscomb, Dudley Herschbach and Rich Roberts; and several Ig Nobel Prize winners; and several of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony organizers; deep sea explorer Sylvia Earle; and Dr. Barry Sears, inventor of The Zone Diet. The libretto is by Marc Abrahams.

If you like, go to the Improbable Research channel on YouTube , where you can subscribe, free, to the series.

BONUS FACT: In the days after the live webcast of the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, the pigtailed young lady in the pink frock and the coronet was said to be, at least briefly, the most downloaded woman on the Internet.