Fancy Upgrade Car Wheels and their Evolutionary Significance (study)

“Charles Darwin considered costly traits that could not be accounted for by survival advantage, such as peacock tails, problematic to his theory of evolution by natural selection. He later realized that these features conferred reproductive advantage in the acquisition of mating partners.” Could this peacock tail insight be applied to humans? Specifically male humans? More […]

Molecular wheelbarrows under the (scanning tunneling) microscope

The idea of a molecular wheelbarrow was first raised [Improbable believes] in 2002 by C Joachim, H Tang, F Moresco, G Rapenne and G Meyer in the journal Nanotechnology, Volume 13, Number 3: ‘The design of a nanoscale molecular barrow’. Later, as described in Surface Science Letters, 584, 2005, L153 – L158, a research team […]

They have revoked the patent for the wheel

I have begun blogging about Improbable Innovation (a very broad category, that!) for the Boston Globe‘s web site. My first report there begins: Re-inventing the wheel: Why not? Many do. Despite the warning “Don’t re-invent the wheel”, people continue to reinvent the wheel. Some of those people file patent applications. Patent offices even approve […]