Beer is a Rich Source of Flouride — Anti-Flouridation Forces Take Note!

The international campaign against adding flouride to public water supplies has just had a monkey wrench thrown into their works. A new study reports that flouride is in the beer supply, in considerable amounts. The study is: “Beer as a Rich Source of Fluoride Delivered into the Body,” D. Styburski, I. Baranowska-Bosiacka, M. Goschorska, D. Chlubek, and […]

Waterside properties – the financial ups and downs.

The question : ‘If your house is at risk of flooding, does that make it worth less?’ – has been answered by investigators at the Department of Economics, East Carolina University, US. The research team used a Semiparametric Hedonic Price Function Model combined with Geographic Information System data on National Flood Insurance Program flood zones […]

Nestlé, Phoenix water, the bicycle shed problem, and Parkinson’s Law of Triviality

John Fleck explains how big and little problems can get tangled in one’s mind. His essay is called “Nestlé, Phoenix water, and the bicycle shed problem“: “Back in my errant youth, when I worked as a volunteer documentation writer for the big free software GNOME project, I became intimately familiar with what we called ‘bicycle shed’ discussions, […]

‘Animal deterrent and training device and method thereof’ (new patent)

Trouble with cats on your counters, table tops, furniture, curtains, floor areas – or maybe “hanging out at your entry door”? Inventor Shawn Tait of Issaquah, WA, US, noted that “they just don’t like being squirted or misted with simple inexpensive water” and has just received a 2016 US patent for his ‘Animal deterrent and […]

Ig Nobel update: How well do oil and water mix, five years later?

David Biello writes, in Scientific American, about “The Enduring Mystery of the Missing Oil Spilt in the Gulf of Mexico” — a detective story whose beginnings were told in an Ig Nobel Prize-winning study: Workers uncovered a tar mat weighing some 18,000 kilograms just offshore of a natural barrier island in Louisiana in the summer of 2013. […]