Putting words into dogs’ mouths – ventriloquistically

Professor Sirpa Leppänen of the Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, has a paper in Discourse, Context & Media (Volume 8, June 2015) about the ventriloquistic authentication of the human voice, as found in dog blogs. “It approaches dog blogs as an example of the strategic use of pervasive but contentious anthropomorphic western discourses […]

The ventriloquist who invented non-bulging garter fasteners and an artificial heart

Paul Winchell was famous for a long time in the US for being a ventriloquist, on TV [see a video highlight, below] and before that on radio (which thanks to another ventriloquist names Edgar Bergen and Bergen’s dummy Charlie McCarthy, was paradoxically a showcase for ventriloquists). Winchell was also an inventor. Wikipedia claims he helped […]