The ventriloquist who invented non-bulging garter fasteners and an artificial heart

Paul Winchell was famous for a long time in the US for being a ventriloquist, on TV [see a video highlight, below] and before that on radio (which thanks to another ventriloquist names Edgar Bergen and Bergen’s dummy Charlie McCarthy, was paradoxically a showcase for ventriloquists).

Winchell was also an inventor. Wikipedia claims he helped invent an artificial heart (for humans, not just for inanimate dummies).

Our own intensive (though exceedingly brief) research discovered that Winchell was granted a patent (US#3128477) for the Winchell non-bulging garter fastener. A technical drawing from that patent is reproduced here.

Here’s video of Paul Winchell and his dummies in their television heyday in the early 1950s:

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on a TV game show:

A recording of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on the radio, together with a young actress named Marilyn Monroe in 1952:

Edgar Bergen and an even younger actress, his daughter Candice: