New brand of underwear: The newness smells suspicious

News reports in Britain and elsewhere tout a new British brand of underwear, named “Shreddies“, that uses a carbon filter to trap bad-smelling gasses. The manufacturer says the underwear is “award-winning“. This video compilation shows several recent TV accounts of it: But the basic product is not new, nor is it British. The original such […]

Two Underwear Theses in North Carolina

North Carolina is a world leader in producing student theses about underwear. Here are two. [The first might be summarized by saying: “Witness the fitness of His work”] “Sizing and Fit of Men’s Underwear,” Taihesia Altovise Ross, master’s degree thesis, North Carolina State University, 2005. The author begins by saying: “Although my name is attached to […]

Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear

Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear would make a perfect gift for men who have everything except men’s far infrared magnetic underwear. One source is, whose web site offers the following description. The specifications are delightful to read aloud: Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear (A new healthy life starts) Specifications Men’s far infrared magnetic underwear 1) […]

Nocturnal undergarments in ancient Rome – a follow up.

Extending and complimenting recent investigations into nocturnal Roman underwear comes another research article which touches, albeit briefly, on the same subject. In 2003, professor Kelly Olson at the Department of Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario, published ‘Roman Underwear Revisited’ (Classical World 96.2) And, according to professor Olson, another reading of the very same body […]