A bra that falls off when you clap your hands (new patent)

Inventor (and IP / patent lawyer) Michael Mansour Ahmadshahi Ph.D., Esq. has just been granted a US patent for his ‘Signal-activated lingerie’ which incorporates a remotely activated (un)fastener “causing the lingerie to fall off from the wearer’s body” when it receives the appropriate signal. The patent document explains :

“Lingerie, such as bras which are worn by females, have a fastening mechanism, such as a hook-type fastener, which is difficult to open, especially for the male counterpart. A bra according to the present invention could be made using a signal-activated fastener such that the female’s boyfriend or husband could clap his hand and the bra would automatically open.”

As described, the invention may also incorporate voice-recognition technology so that only a previously-authorized operator’s voice will activate it.


[1] For those wondering whether the technology could/should also apply to male undergarments – the patent document doesn’t specifically mention them. But it does note that the invention can also be configured to remotely operate belts and trousers.

[2] According to the invention’s website, it’s soon to be launched as a product.

“We are a high-end lingerie company offering specially-designed one-piece lingerie. These lingerie DO NOT use biometrics.

We do, however, have a patented technology which uses biometric signals to unfasten the lingerie remotely. We hope to bring it to you soon! “

[3] The 2009 Ig Nobel Health Prize was awarded to Elena N. Bodnar, Raphael C. Lee, and Sandra Marijan of Chicago, Illinois, USA, for inventing a brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of protective face masks, one for the brassiere wearer and one to be given to some needy bystander. See U.S. patent 7255627 for a “Garment Device Convertible to One or More Facemasks.”

[ Research research by Martin Gardiner ]