False ‘missing toe’ sensation(s) [digital agnosia]

Do you ever get an uncanny feeling that one of your toes is missing, despite the fact that they’re all there? You’re not alone. “To the best of our knowledge, the present study is the first to document the [erroneous] experience of a ‘missing toe’ in healthy volunteers.” “Nineteen young adult participants underwent tactile stimulation […]

April mini-AIR: Joints, bones, and pitted pebbles

The April issue of mini-AIR (our monthly e-mail newsletter just went out. (mini-AIR is a wee little supplement to the magazine). Topics include: How Many Joints? Ig Nobel Eurotour Thanks, and Next Year Green: Thumb Injury Limerick Competition Salamander 5th Toe Loss and more It also has info about upcoming events. Mel [pictured here] says, “It’s swell.” mini-AIR […]

Toe lengths – behold the implications

A growing body of scientific studies have examined the implications of finger-length ratios, But until recently up to 50% of humanoid distal appendages may have been largely overlooked – for what of toe-length ratios? Progress towards rectifying this digital imbalance has been made with a recent study from the Department of Psychology, Penn State University, […]