The special Children issue of the Improbable magazine

The special Children issue (volume 27, number 5) of the magazine, Annals of Improbable Research, has flown its way to subscribers. This special issue, like many other special issues of the magazine, is also available for purchase. All the issues are in the form of downloadable PDFs.

Are you a Child?

Whether you are a child or a non-child, you are likely to discover many surprising things about children, if you read the special Children issue, a likelihood that is large indeed if you assess such things considering matters that concern children, compared with what would be the size of you considered all possible subjects. The previous sentence is nearly incomprehensible, by the way.

Research about Children

The special Children issue includes these articles about children-related research (and includes other articles, too, about research about other things):

Pre-teen Werewolf
Big-Toe Curling
Saliva, Snot, and Sugar
Unusual Children
Children and Walking and Toes
What Children Dislike or Like
Children Chewing

The issue even includes an explanation of the image that appears on the magazine’s front cover. Also, there is an explanation, of sorts, about the image that appears on the back cover.