Special “Gulls, Crows, Pigeons, Woodpeckers” issue of the magazine

The special Gulls, Crows, Pigeons, Woodpeckers issue (volume 29, number 5) of the magazine has flown its way (through the internet, in PDF form) to subscribers. The table of contents and several free articles are online. We heartily encourage you to buy your very own copy of the issue, or even better to subscribe to […]

Horror bird-film dropping from the sky?

Comes news that could lead someone to adapt Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film “The Birds” and take it in a different direction—a direction that’s both scary and scatalogical. Maryn McKenna, the science journalist widely known as Scary Disease Girl, tweeted this alert: Seagulls: threat or menace? They’re pooping resistant bacteria on your favorite beach. She gives […]