A scholarly look at scholars’ amusing study titles

Rolf Zwaan (co-author of the Ig Nobel Prize winning study “Leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower seem smaller: Posture-modulated thought“) is blogging about at amusing titles given to scholarly studies. He looks especially at his own field: I culled amusing titles from the 2003-2012 issues of Psych Science. It was not always easy to […]

Heavy Meals / Heavy Metals: Typo?

This study’s title appears to have a typo. Does it? “Heavy meals in urban roadside soils, part 1: effect of particle size fractions on heavy metals partitioning,” Xue-Song Wang, Yong Qin and Yong-Kang Chen, Environmental Geology, vol. 50, 2006, pp. 1061–1066. The authors are at Huaihai Institute of Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, […]