“Therapeutic Touch” Expert’s New Discovery: Chair-Slumping and Mathematics

Erik Peper, co-author of an Ig Nobel Prize-winning book about how to cure ill people by holding one’s hand near them but not touching those ill people, has a new research study of students who did mathematics whilst slumping in their chairs. The new study is: “Do Better in Math: How your Body Posture May […]

JAMA ex-editor and Cancer Society disagree re touchy Ig Nobel Prize

The American Cancer Society disagrees (passive-unaggressively) with a former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) about a particular therapy. George Lundberg, former editor of JAMA, looks back today at the Ig Nobel Prize awarded in 1998 to Dolores Krieger [pictured here], the researcher who championed the idea of “therapeutic touch“: In 1998, we published a paper in JAMA entitled “A […]